The inaugural AGM

The inaugural AGM

After more than 3 years of background work, the Hearing Professionals Association (Singapore) is formed. The first 7 hearing aid companies from within the local hearing industry, who share the beliefs and objectives of the constitution, are now the pioneer members of this association. Together, we believe we can do more to contribute towards the common good of the local hearing care community.

These companies are :

  • Amazing Hearing Centre Pte Ltd
  • AudioLocket Pte Ltd
  • Clariti Hearing Pte Ltd
  • iHear Center Pte Ltd
  • Kind Hearing Pte Ltd
  • The Hearing Centre Pte Ltd
  • The Listening Lab Pte Ltd

The inaugural AGM was held on 20 Jan 2020 to elect the first committee to chart the direction and growth of the association. The committee members are :

President: Ronald Pang

Vice President: Alex Lim

Secretary: Kelvin Lee

Assistant Secretary: Maggie Huang

Treasurer: Ernest Poh

Assistant Treasurer: Shawn Chuan

Education Chairperson: Christopher Chan

Social Chairperson: Nicole Koh

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